Kromaton & Micronia @ GMK

January 8th, 2018

Kromaton & Micronia: Concert for chroma-eight note or few tellies and three monoton

Gallery Miroslav Kraljević – GMK for contempoary arts is annuncing AV performans by Kromaton and Micronia entitled Concert for chroma-eight note or few tellies and three monoton which is set to take place on Sunday, 14 January staring at 8pm.

Kromaton is a duo which explores experimental sound from CRT TV devices and DVD players. They are diting its audio as a video and the colours from this video transfering into diverse frequencies.

Kromaton are Vanda Kreutz and Dorotea Cerin, graduates from the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb – Department for New Media. Their first joint performance tool place at SineLinea Festival in 2017.

Micronia is a solo project by Deborah Hustic within she is exploring and experimenting diverse elecronic music for dancers or other collaborative projects, especially DIY electronic instruments that she’s frequently building, modifies, exhibits ot curates. So far she was partaking with band Messy Oscillators or as a solo performer at the festivals such as: Device_srt, Showcase of Contemporary Sound, Abandon Normal Devices, Music Tech Festival / EarZoom Sonic Arts Festival, Perforations, SoundArt Inkubator, SineLinea and more. She’s a project manager and curator of Radiona / Zagreb Makerspace.

See the livestream here. It was done with a mobile phone, so don’t expect perfect sound :)

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