Vermona ET 3

January 29th, 2017

Last year I’ve found on Croatian classified ads website beautiful DDR (East Germany) vintage Vermona ET 3 organs from 1970’s that turned out to be in a perfect condition. The sound is wonderfull, the organs of course have a small noise since this is really vintage electronics. 

It has 7 drawbars over “formant” and “flute” settings, it’s single manual, and has a strong bright sound plus lovely vibrato.  It has this drawbars for ‘Flutes’ (sine waves) and ‘Formants’ (filtered square and pulse waves) at various footages which could be mixed at will using the continuous sliders for a wide range of tones. There was a simple tone control in there too which is a simple lowpass filter and there is also a vibrato LFO with variable rate and depth.

I asked Radiona lab peer Goran Mahovlić if he could help me when I will open the organs in order to check if I need to change capacitors because they might be over after so many years. It turned our that Vermona is in great condition, all electronics works great and there is no need to change capacitors.

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