Sequencer v.1 @ Kiblix ’15

October 5th, 2015

Echoed Bodies is currently an imaginary orchestra whose members will only wear its music instruments instead of having them in front. The first jacket ‘Sequencer v.1′ in the series have embedded variety of Arduino based DIY synthesizers and music machines. The aim of the work is to displace the instrument from the traditional position on the stage, to create a wearable technology object that could be functional and created with a purpose for the stable use in performances. Dealing for a couple of years with fragility of created objects for exhibitions and performances with less or more frustration on the back, the series of sound clothing will explore all aspects of the working processes from simplicity to complexity. It is planned for the band to publish its first ‘single’ in 2016 and to discontinue in 2020.

Textile mentor: Frane Šoša


Sequencer v.1 jacket has a keyboard and modular synthesizer. You play the sequencer on the keyboard (silver buttons) that is on your left side.


Synthesizer on the right side is playable with knobs. The first silver knob is for switching the synthesizer on / off and the black knobs are for sound making.

More photos soonish…

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