DIY Waterphone

April 21st, 2013

Working process

My old DIY waterphone – atonal acoustic instrument on makeover this weekend. I plan to use it as a part of my installation ‘Sound Orchestra Corner’ at the exhibition ‘SoundArt / BIOArt’ and it was about time to take the old rusty waterphone from the basement in order to get it again into shape and to change the side of the rods.

This waterphone is really DIY home edition. I assisted really long time ago my dad in his garage workshop with it, while building it up following my instruction, I previously dug on the internet. So this Saturday during my visit, we recalled that process again, but this time doing it the right way.


I like this rusty patina on my waterphone despite the fact I cleaned it up,  I will use an piezoelectronic and DIY soundbox embedded into an antique suitcase to connected them all. More info soonish…









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