MicroNoize Ver. 03

February 11th, 2013

Recently I made  my own version of Micronoise 4093 Рlight sensitive para-synth by Ljudmila Media lab adding bigger sensors and using different connection on the circuit in order to get different sound. Of course, the layout is also different since it was originally made with closely to the circuit soldered electronic parts. I call it MicroNoize  Ver. 03 РTrapezoid.


The idea was to make it more SF looking and because I really like the original design of the circuit I realized that by soldering everything directly some parts are not so visible. Of course, that means connections are sometimes more tangible and I had to be very patient when I was putting the circuit it the box attaching potentiometers and LEDs od the surface of the box.


Naturally, the plastic trapezoid shaped box from an edition of Toblerone chocolate I bought few years ago in Lisbon was very inspiring in combination of romboid shape of the MicroNoise circuit.


I used MicroNoise Ver. 03 – Trapezoid at the concert with MMessy Oscilators in February during Device_art 4.013 in Prague. It was connected with Korg AX – 3G multi-effect.


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