OSA 2012

December 8th, 2012

Recently I was invited by new media artist and curator Martina Mezak and artist /performer Božidar Katić from Nano Gallery  to partake Artist talk and to moderate the round table  of OSA 2012 – Open Source Art @ MSU – Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The event was organized by Martina’s NGO Artenativa which runs Nano Gallery, both based in Zagreb.

The website by Museum of Contemporary art has more details: http://www.msu.hr/#/en/19756/

The frame for OSA 2012 was written by Alessandro Ludovico from Neural Magazine. What was interesting to me is the fact that the event gathered a lot of  audience, among them students, curators, artists, few directors of museums, etc., mainly people relatively new to the idea of Open Source.

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