Sound glove, part 1

October 31st, 2012

Sound glove is probably my most procrastinated playground ever and I started it as a practical exercise after Max / MSP / Jitter workshop led by Gideon Kiers last year in May, with one bicycle glove as a musical instrument based on flex sensors and the other one as a VJ-ing tool with photocell sensors.  One day for attaching sensors, and then I left it for almost a year doing some other stuff.

This July I made a shield for the sound glove during Cirkulacija 2 event with Borut Savski and Stefan Doepner at their electronic geekery melting pot. Then my glove again fall asleep for a while, and I took it with me to HomeMade in Vico Morcote this August and connected it with Pure Data and Pduino / Firmata things thanks to Tobbias Hoffman aka kiilo who has made a helpful Pduino playground patch ‘mimiking the layout of a standard USB arduino board in Puredata.’

So, 3 days for one glove, 3 platforms in course Max -> Arduino -> Pd.  Now I decided to finish it till the end of this year and the only way to do it is to blog about it, right?! Usually people would call a post like this ‘Work-in-Progress’ Project, but I’d rather call it ‘Slow-In-Progress Playground’, cuz I’m always coming back to it and find it thrilling for myself to rest a bit.

I followed few examples online with accelerometer and so, and yes, I’m interested in making a nice drony oscillator out of this glove. As I will progress I will share all my patches here…

To be continued…

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