New oscillator layout

October 24th, 2012

Here’s Random Arpeggiator Thing oscillator I made with the circuit bending meister Alwin Weber on his workshop during HomeMade in Vico Morcote, Switzerland this August. Officially this is my first cigar box i used for boxing an instrument. I’m planning to use it more often cuz of this combination of retro wanna be communist aesthetics.  The oscillator is a smashing one, it has a rhythm and lately I’m using it mainly for the performances with Messy Oscillators (my lab’s band). Thanks to solar bird expert Daniel from Basel for allowing me to use his box for tools and wires for one of my ubercoolish instruments.

MMessy Oscillators, Photo by Darko Vaupotić (cc)

MMessy Oscillators, Photo by Darko Vaupotić (cc)

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