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April 13th, 2012

Here are few photos I wanted to share for some time with the stuff I did while participating at workshops Neanderthal Electronics – SoundBox by Derek Holzer (March, 2012), Theremin Workshop by Borut Savski with Ljudmila Crew (Robertina Šebjanič & Luka Frelih, Theremidi Orchestra, December, 2011), and Electromagnetic Cityscape – Roger 10-4 (June, 2011) by Sabrina Basten and Audrey Samson.


My SoundBox made of ‘vintage’ suitcase I picked up the second day of the workshop at the flea market Hrelić in Zagreb



… And this is my Theremin which is going to evolve into lite version with smaller turntable. I used the turntable in order to solve the issue with rhythm, as it’s known that theremins don’t produce a rhythm. Well, mine does. I’m also planning to make during April a new version of wearable theremin based on the same circuit as this one here.

Electromagnetic wave seeker jacket ‘Corto’

For the end I have à la Corto Maltese inspired jacket I used for last year’s Audrey & Sabrina’s workshop Roger 10-4 to make a wearable version of an electromagnetic wave seeker gadget.  I also have one similar extra board I bought from Audrey during Make Me Eclectic Festival in Vienna which I plan to use for making more precise and detailed electromagnetic seeker as soon as possible when I will find a really strong and good coil.

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