Floppy bags

December 11th, 2011

Vintage Data is about wearing used and nowadays ‘vintage’, obsolete technology – floppy disks combined with simple electronic circuit for the LED and ON/OFF switch from the inside of the bag’s cover for illuminating your car’s or home doors, as well as finding the content of your bag much easier in darkness.

Vintage Data bag has from the inside dark lining with huge zipper for a wallet pocket. The belt is made of ribbon cable – colored and gray version. Both bags are entirely made of used floppy disks, and all materials included belong to sort of ‘vintage’ technologies as a metaphor, sure.

The aim is to ask questions what does time and fast tech development mean to us nowadays, changing practically every day our semantic landscape? What does obsolete mean in the context of reusing and sustainability? Can we fight the super fast development of consumer based society and what tools could we use to win? Cause winning is the only option! Thanks a lot to Instructables member imanalchemist for making incredible DIY tutorial on making floppy bags…

Photos by Deborah Hustić, (cc) – more visuals on flickr
Models: Matea Kolendić & Ivana Podnar
Background: Gallery Kiosk – exhibition Birds (Ptice) by Ivana Kulić
Many thanks to Milena, Julijana, Eva and Merlina for their kind donation of used floppy disks






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